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Version: 2.3.0

How to use the cube

How to charge#

How to charge

The cube can be charged by placing it on the console charger. For detailed instructions and how to check the remaining battery level of the cube, please refer to the toio User Guide.

How to power on and off#

How to power on off

There is a power button on the bottom of the cube. Press the power button to turn on the cube. Pressing and holding the power button turns it off.

Auto power off function#

Communication with the cube is done via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). If the cube is not connected to any other device via BLE for 15 minutes, it will automatically turn off. An audible alert will also sound every 3 minutes while the cube is not connected to another device via BLE.

For more information on communication with the cube, please see Communication Overview - Communication with the cube.

System state#

Indicator of cube

The state of the cube's system is notified through colors of the indicator and sound alerts. The different states are as follows.

cube stateIndicatorAudible alert
StartupFlashes once in red, blue, green, then white○ With audible alert
ConnectingFlashes in blueNo audible alert
ConnectedIndicator turns off○ With audible alert
DisconnectedIndicator turns off○ With audible alert
ShutdownIndicator turns off○ With audible alert

Checking the remaining battery level#

When the power button is pressed while the cube is on, the approximate remaining battery level is indicated through the color of the indicator and audible alerts. The remaining battery level and the corresponding condition of the indicator are shown below. Audible alerts are sounded as the indicator flashes.

Remaining battery levelIndicatorAudible alert
Battery level is sufficientFlashes in green three timesSounds three times as the indicator flashes
Battery level is lowFlashes in yellow twiceSounds twice as the indicator flashes
Almost no battery leftFlashes in red onceSounds once with each flash of the indicator