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Version: 2.3.0

How to update

Updating the cube#

Updating the cube's system software will add new features and improve stability, primarily for the communication specifications. For details on how to update the system software, please see the toio System Software Update Guide.

BLE protocol version#

The communication specifications of the cube is versioned with the BLE protocol version. The BLE protocol version of your cube can be seen in Configuration - Requesting the BLE protocol version.

Version combinations #

The system software version corresponds to the BLE protocol version as follows.

System SoftwareBLE Protocol Version

Updating the technical specifications#

The technical specifications for each BLE protocol version can be viewed on this website. The number in the upper right corner of the page indicates the BLE protocol version that corresponds to the specifications displayed. You can change the version by clicking on this number.

Displaying updated items#

For the version displayed, any feature that has changed since the previous version will be marked with an update symbol (🔄) in the sidebar. In addition, items on each page are marked with a symbol such as an arrow for the user's reference.

Major updates#

2021/07/19 #

Added "Papercraft Creatures - Gesundroid" toio ID information.


Added information on the cube's system software v02.0005 (BLE protocol version v2.3.0).


Added information about the cube's system software v02.0004 (BLE protocol version v2.2.0).


Added information on the simple play mat and simple card included with the toio Core Cube (single package).


The following changes and additions have been made with BLE protocol version v2.1.0.

The detailed specifications are described on this website as well as partially explained on the toio blog. Please also refer to the blog for the specification details.