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Version: 2.3.0

Function usage

The functions of the cube can be obtained and controlled by using characteristics. Each characteristic supports one of the Write, Read, or Notify properties, and can be used in the following ways.

PropertiesHow to use
WriteWrites data to a characteristic, and controls the cube according to the data content.
ReadReads data from a characteristic to obtain information about the cube contained in the data.
NotifyReceived whenever information that can be retrieved by "reading" data is changed by "notifications".

Data structures

The structure of the data to which "Write", "Read", and "Notify" operations are applied is explained in the following pages.

Data locationTypeContentExample

Data location

The location of data in buffers starting with 0.


The type of data, such as UInt8 or String. All byte orders are little endian.


Indicates the content of the data in words.


A concrete example is given in the following manner.

  • 0x00: Fixed data (only the indicated value is valid or exists)
  • 0x00: An example of non-fixed data

Write operation errors

For write operations, the following cases are determined errors. When there is an error, the write operation is discarded and does not affect the operation of the cube.

  • When the full data length is different from the specified length
  • When the data value is out side the specified range

If there are other cases of errors, they are listed as notes for each characteristic.