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Version: 2.3.0

Communication Overview

Communication with the cube

Communication with the cube is done via Bluetooth® standard Ver. 4.2 (Bluetooth® Low Energy, hereafter BLE).

Discovering the cube

When the cube is turned on, it runs as a BLE peripheral and advertises the following information.

FlagsGeneral Discoverable Mode,
BR/EDR Not Supported
Complete list of 128bit Service UUID10B20100-5B3B-4571-9508-CF3EFCD7BBAE
Complete Local Nametoio Core Cube-XXX

Complete Local Name

The cube's system software complete local name has changed from v02.0005 (BLE protocol version v2.3.0), to toio Core Cube-XXX. XXX is a unique cube ID string. Because this remains the same even after the cube is reset, it is useful for identifying individual cubes when dozens of cubes are being operated simultaneously. The ID string is not guaranteed to be a unique to every cube. It is also not the same number as the serial number printed on the cube.

The string used for the ID is a string of 3 alphanumeric characters consisting of a letter + number + letter in that order.

The letter can be uppercase or lowercase. The following letters are not used.

Letters not used in ID
Examples of complete local names
toio Core Cube-M0p
toio Core Cube-a9R
toio Core Cube-C3P

Using the cube's functions

Each type of function can be viewed or controlled through the following services and the characteristics under these services.

TypePrimary Service
Service UUID10B20100-5B3B-4571-9508-CF3EFCD7BBAE
CharacteristicsID Information / Identification sensor
Sensor Information / Motion Sensor
Button Information / Button
Battery Information / Battery
Motor Control / Motor
Light Control / Indicator
Sound Control / Sound