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Version: 2.3.0


There is one function button located at the bottom of the cube (see Parts).

The state of the button can be obtained using the following characteristics.

Characteristic UUID10B20107-5B3B-4571-9508-CF3EFCD7BBAE
PropertiesRead, Notify
DescriptorButton Information

Read operations

The configuration data below can be used to obtain the state of the button.

Data locationTypeContentExample
0UInt8Button ID0x01 (Function button)
1UInt8State of button0x80 (Pressed)

Button ID

The ID and corresponding button are as follows (see: Parts).

Button IDButton
0x01Function button

State of button

The value for the state of the button is 0x80 when pressed and 0x00 when released.


When the state of the button changes, this characteristic notifies the BLE central of this. The type of information and structure of data being sent are the same as for the Read operations.